Cerro Media Luna, north of Bellavista
No :  586
Filming :  1998/8/10
Island :  Santa Cruz
Family :  Rubiaceae
Status :  Introduced
Keyword :  Miconia scrub
Highland landscape
Vegetation landscape

Notes :  Quinine trees invading
Commentary :  Mt. Media Luna is the north crater wall of a cinder cone, located high up at 640 meters in altitude, in the south side of Santa Cruz. It was originally covered with pure communities of Miconia robinsoniana, an endemic species. Quinine trees, naturalized at high altitudes in this island, began to spread in the 1990s and the development peaked when this photograph was taken (1998). In the following year, the Galapagos National Park Service and the Charles Darwin Research Station eradicated the quinine trees.

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