Zonation of herbaceous vegetation around a salt crater lake, #2/3
Scientific name : (1) Batis maritima L.: (2) Sesuvium edmonstonei Hook. f.:(3) Portulaca howellii (Legr.) Eliasson
No :  131
Filming :  1981/8/14
Island :  Bain Bridge
Family :  (1)Batidaceae
Status :  (1)Indigenous
Keyword :  Coastal plant
Herbaceous plant
Coastal plant

Notes :  Batis maritima (yellow),Sesuvium edmonstonei(red), and Portulaca howellii (gray)
Commentary :  Bain Bridge Islet has a small salt lake in its crater, around which a typical zonation of salt- and drought-tolerant plants is seen. The plants are arranged from saltwort (Batis maritima, yellow) in the foreground, through to Galapagos carpetweed (Sesuvium edmonstonei; an endemic species, red), Galapagos purslane (Portulaca howellii; endemic), and Galapagos chamaesyce (Chamaesyce amplexicaulis; endemic, brown) in the background.

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